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Shine D God Son

IMG_1530Shine D God Son graduates with a Division 1.

Abdul Malachi shine commonly known as Shine D God Son graduated with a Division 1 in the Faculty of Arts, Fourah Bay College.  Shine who also happens to be a rapper is arguably a popular name in the Sierra Leone music industry.

The rapper is among the few Sierra Leonean musicians who have actually acquired a degree hereby proving negative perception that the music game in Sierra Leone is only for losers.

The rapper started off from humble beginnings and entered the music scene within the 1990’s with song titled “I love trouble”. He is seen as an artist who is representing the ghetto for his songs are always addressing societal issues. He is the guru behind hits like “No more beefing”, “I love hiphop” and another collaboration with Koa Denero called “New bullet.”

Though people tend to misunderstand rappers as hostile and violent, Shine D God Son is a soft spoken, intelligent and outgoing fellow. Doing my chat with him I was able to feel at ease with his openness in talking about his music career and proud to point out to me he is among the few artists with a degree and can boast that he is one of Sierra Leone’s finest rapper.

Falling in love with his charm of been a conversationist, I further on questioned him about upcoming events he is planning and he told me he is presently promoting his song “Aymeneng” which is a temne slank translated as an exclamation of pain or emotion. He further on mentioned he also did a song with Shadow Boxer “We dea ya” and is also working on a double album launch May 6.

He pointed out his fans have been simply amazing, encouraging and supportive. He believes the Sierra Leone industry will grow more if artists encourage themselves to be performing live music for he says “Live music is life”.

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