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Matto’s dream of becoming an international music artist started at the age of 7 when she first started singing. Influenced by her mum who was a singer and song writer, Matto started singing as most young girls do, using anything she could find as her pretend microphone. Taking inspiration from a Jamaican artist, Lady Patra, Matto named herself Lady Matto. Matto would sing at school and at home, but she took singing a step further when she wrote her first song “Mi Paddy” with the help of her mum in 2002. This track secured Matto a record deal with Paradise Family (Jimmy Bee) and within four months, this track became big hit in Sierra Leone. It led to Matto winning two AWOL awards (All Walks Of Life) for Best New Comer and Best Single.

During a period of time where there were not many female singers, Matto overcame many barriers and “Mi Paddy” gave her a lot of bookings, allowing her to tour the country. She took part in major competitions, including one in Guinea where she competed with artists from Gambia, Senegal and Ivory Coast. With a shy and reserved but very friendly personality off stage, people were always amazed to see Matto’s fiery performances on-stage. Rapping always came naturally to Matto, and iunnamed (1)n combination with her angelic singing voice, Matto always gave the audience a good show.

In 2003, Matto moved to the UK, and having struggled to find the right studio for her style, she was able to release her first album “Together” in 2010. The song “Together” was a hit in the UK as it appealed to an audience other than Afrobeats, but when she brought the song back to Sierra Leone, it wasn’t accepted because it was of a different genre. This was when Matto began working with Jada Vizzle from Mercury Records. Messing around in the studio, Jada created a crazy beat that Matto fell in love with; this was the making of Oba.

Matto was determined to do something different and to prove to her critics wrong about her preferred style of music. With the high tempo of Oba, Matto was pushed out of her comfort zone and in to a new dimension of her music; this is why Oba starts with the line “I never think that I could do a thing like this”. Oba was well received by Matto’s fans and so Matto began working on her album.

Matto has been worked on her album for two years without releasing any of the songs. Now she has decided to rebrand herself and lose the “Lady” from her name due to it becoming too common with other female artists. She titled the album “Matto” as a statement to let her fans know of her rebranding from “Lady Matto” to “Matto”. Each song on the new album purposely dabbles into a different music genre to demonstrate that Matto can produce music suitable for a wider audience. Matto’s album will be released on 27th December 2014 at her album release party at the Bedroom Bar in the City of London. This album will be available for purchase on iTunes, Play Store, amazon and many more outlets.

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