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AbFad was born in London in 1989, And like most African children he was sent back home to Sierra Leone after 6 month by his parents in-order for him to learn the culture and experience growing up in the Sierra Leone. AbFad has also lived in Botswana, Namibia and Uganda as his late father and Mother were Medical Practitioners, “A BURN SPECIALIST SURGEON AND NURSE” in the respective order.

AbFad Derives his sound from being around different cultures, races and countries as he was well exposed to private schools and exotic cultural dances and music such as “Kwaito; a very popular dance known in Southern Africa, Hip Hop and R&B from the western world. AbFad is Also a College graduate from Eastern Michigan University, which is based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA and currently holds a degree in Paralegal Studies / Business.

AbFad is currently pursuing his Music career and has been a trending name in the Sierra Leone music industry, especially after his Collaboration with Nigerian Musical and dance act; “McGalaxy” of Nigeria. Be on the look out for AbFad as he is not only a promising act for Sierra Leone, but also a new trend setter stepping in the game of Afro pop music across the continent of Africa.

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