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Ejatu – My Story

Ejatu‘s dream of becoming a musician started at a very young age. She started at the age of 12yrs doing talent shows. May 25 1993. Born and raised at the eastern part of Freetown “Mountain Cut” Ejatu Deen 23yrs of age a singer / song writer, a true dream to reality story. Six months ago the young lady was introduced to Master Rell a young and talented Producer based in Houston Texas.

SLMTV caught up with Ejatu aka EJay for a snappy interview and she was willing to sit with us. Looking smart in a Dark sunglasses and ultra-green top and skinny Jean, the talented star gave us 15 minutes of her busy schedule for some tit-n-tongue.fc9af765-0e7a-4cea-be62-97801750a497

People call your Ejay, can you kindly help us know you more by telling us your real name?

Answer: My name is Ejatu Deen aka Ejatu i love when people say my name.

When did your music career start?

Answer: Started six month ago – six months ago is when I started recording. Talent show was more of my thing growing up.

Your voice is fresh to the fans of Salone Music how can you class or what type of genre?

Answer: I hate when people categorized my music… I do music for all ages. Basically, I can anything you imaging genre wise.

Which record label are you presently signed with?

Answer: I am not currently signed to any record label, I am taking my time recording and making sure the sound of Ejatu is right and building on my fan base. I do music for the people not the label.

Are you presently working on any new songs?

Answer: I recently released a song that I recorded title “No More” produced by Master Rell and I currently in the studio doing another track that is yet to be title and I will keep the fans posted. Trust me, I have a lot of good stuff coming out soon. It’s going to be a HOT SUMMER!

Are you planning any shows?

Answer: Currently No, I more focus on the music.

How has the music industry been for you as a new artist?

Answer: I am new to the industry and I was lucky to be coached by Master Rell who is guarding my every moves and recording. Master Rell is such a talented producer and DJ that I am lucky to call a friend and a mentor. I knew I had the talent to do music but I needed that jump and Rell was one person that was willing to give me that chance and I will continue to learn and gain experience through the mastermind Dj Rell.

What should your fans expect from you this year?

Answer: A lot, videos and more of my music in 2016. I am currently working on a Mixtape not an album just want to record and enjoy the moments. My fans can stay connected with me via Twitter, IG and my Facebook Fan page.


Twitter: @DEENEJATU   Instagram: ejatudeen     Facebook: facebook.com/EJATU-DEEN-255850171442249/



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