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Abdul Alhadi born in Sierra Leone came to London/England in the early 90s. Abdul became a instant hit in the club scenes at a very young age as a well-established DJ in London and one of the high ranking club promoters in east London. Abdul’s love for music took him to the next level highly were he gained the name DJdoubleA. As in Abdul Alhadi. (AA). Abdul has helped many known Djs in London to become bigger in the scene if not the biggest well as one of the biggest Sierra Leonean Dj ever in the UK DoubleA quickly became a favorite within the Sierra Leone community.

Because his djin career was going so well Abdul put his music talent on hold until last year when he teamed up with Congolese music group (Ldnc) were they did a remix to wakawaka and was a instant hit with 30,000 sound cloud plays and an instant hit with the clubs. Abdul followed it up with Gimme sum/kachukachu were he teamed up with well-known producer/artist Kweezy from the no1 Afrobeat group in the uk iraymvmt.

13615171_913595192083073_8844269178302461815_nGimme sum was a instant hit with the clubs the dancers and of course the Sierra Leone uk community. DoubleA has now gone and done hit songs like gugaga/salonetiti Badart and latest single Aminata. All in the space of 3 months. DoubleA will be one of the acts at the r2bees concert at o2 Arena London on sat 30th July 2016. DoubleA also supported lil kesh in concert in Dublin… The U.K. Sierra Leone community thinks a new Sierra Leone sensation has arrived.

SLMTV caught up with Double A for a snappy interview and he was willing to sit with us. Looking smart in a Plain White T-shirt and a Jean, the afrobeat king of London gave us 20 minutes of his busy schedule for some tit-n-tongue.

People call your Double A, can you kindly help us know you more by telling us your real name?

Answer: My real name is Abdul Rahman Alhadi

When did your music career start?

Answer: Well it really kicked off last year summer

You voice is fresh to the fans of Salone Music how can you class or what type of genre?

Answer: I will say salone afrobeat because I mix both the English and krio in my song

Which record label are you presently signed with?

Answer: Currently not signed to anyone but few companies have approached me but not really in the same direction as me as Salone music is my #1 aim.

Are you presently working on any new songs?

Answer: As an artist you can never say no lol  just say im in the studio everyday

Are you planning any shows?

Answer:  well I just supported Nigerian artist lil kesh on his Ireland tour and im also perf with r2bees at there uk tour on 30th July.  I’m also headline for the sierra leone in the park on Sunday 24th July so its looking good

How has the music industry been for you as a new artist?

Answer: well wont say is easy but once its good music people wont refuse it

What should your fans expect from you this year?

Answer: expect new sound to salone music energy enegy energy… that’s why now we are using the hash tag saying saloneborborwedaytakeover

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