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Heyden Adama – Ah Don Cam Bak


As we would recall, Heyden Adama is the singer, model and actress who wowed us all in 2011 with her then first single, “Fit in Gbet” translated “perfect fit”. She has released other singles; ‘Nobody”, “Grenade”, “Kele Kele”, “Round and round” amongst others and till last year was starred in an all-African movie “African Love”. She talks with SLMTV about her music, modelling, fashion and her acting career.

SLMTV: A pleasure sitting down with you Heyden.

HEYDEN ADAMA: Pleasure is all mine.

SLMTV: What have you been up to girl?

HEYDEN ADAMA: (laughing) ah bin dea chill. Just hanging around all this while; you know, a break from the hassles and a little music break, but I am back. I am here.

SLMTV: You did a movie last year, tell us about it.

HEYDEN ADAMA: It is actually like a TV show we were doing in Seattle, Washington. It is still under production; yet to be finished because I was travelling a lot. We still working on it. The trailer is out. I was cast with lots of big names in the movie industry. Even Wiz Kid did a shout out for the movie. I was the only Sierra Leonean; most of the other cast members where Nigerians. I was the main cast and character and it could be a big thing for Sierra Leone movie ratings.

SLMTV: Tell us more. What role did you play in the movie?

HEYDEN ADAMA: I played a girl from Africa who lives in the US. She has her own hustle; (laughs) hustling men. She is a very strong character and the reason why I accepted the role. In fact I got the role without fighting for it. I love her character. She has different personalities to it. One minute she is all about the money, the next she has a family she cares for. It is a good story.

SLMTV: Tell us about your new songs.

HEYDEN ADAMA: I have not really been recording for the past one year. I actually did a song Sierra Leoneans wont quite like (laughs). Even if Jnyce hears it he will say “Heyden don begin do e whiteman bizness back”. It is an RnB song I have been working on. Sounds good so far. Right now am working. I was in the studio few days back working on a great song. E go cam soon.

SLMTV: What are the issues you facing as a musician or in general term what are the issues affecting musicians?

HEYDEN ADAMA: To be honest am never really here in town. Most times my songs promote itself. People tend to pick it up somehow. Like Kele Kele and Grenade, I was not in Freetown to promote them. To be honest I have not gotten to the level of having issues with anyone in the industry, because I seriously don’t have a problem with anyone. Some factors include getting DJ’s to play songs, paying them especially when am not here. But am reasonable because they are also working hard; been in the studio all day promoting songs. At the end of the day one has to give them something. I just wish they are more together wherein musicians will have to deal with just one person rather than have to pay different DJ’s. That makes it hard especially when most of the time am not here. I seriously don’t know how to work with that but am still here; working on it. People like my music, that’s the most important thing.

SLMTV: We noticed you are also into modelling Africana. Did you design them?

HEYDEN ADAMA: Yeahhhhhhhhhh, I am actually working on opening an online store solely for the sale of Africana wares. I love prints; so colourful and where I am you don’t see much of it. I feel it will be successful and I am definitely working on a lot of things. In fact, from here, I will be going for a photoshoot in Lungi for my new clothes.

SLMTV: From here onwards what should your fans expect from you?

HEYDEN ADAMA: Totally different Heyden; new music is coming; and this time it is I who will be running around to get things done.

SLMTV: Any word out? A diva like you must have.

HEYDEN ADAMA: (smiles) I just want to say thank you. I have been here in the music game for a while now. At first I was doing it for two people, now thousands vibing with me; appreciating me. It feels cool you know…. especially when people enjoy what I am doing and I know I am making them proud. I enjoy music the same way they in turn enjoy what I produce. I appreciate that.



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