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DJ Reg – We Need More Investors

DJ UNDISPUTED REG……. We need more investors!!!!

Whilst SLMTV was at the video shoot for Block Jones’ video Champion we caught up with one of Sierra Leone’s renowned DJ’s, DJ Undisputed Reg.
SLMTV: People call you DJ Reg, kindly give us a brief background about yourself.

DJ UNDISPUTED REG: I started as DJ Reg P back in the days (2003). It all started off small, a DJ for my friends, home parties and they started calling me DJ REG P. I stopped been a DJ for a while to focus on my studies; came back and changed my name to Undisputed Reg. I have worked with several media houses, Capital Radio is one; now am working with Air Radio one of the biggest radio stations in the country, aired nationwide and also aired online. I also have my own show which is “What’s Happening Breakfast Show”, with a big following on Facebook and several groups on WhatsApp and other social media networks. It’s kind of huge. So far so good that’s all there is about Dj Reg. I am a DJ but not actually playing at the moment, because as one moves up the ladder of success, you get involve with other things and learn new things in the process. Mostly these days, I present shows, host events apart from my own show. I also have my own DJ, DJ Busy, also quite popular who plays for my show.

SLMTV: What is your opinion about Sierra Leone’s music industry?

DJ UNDISPUTED REG: to be honest, I am happy the way it is. Before when JIMMY B came initially when I started as a DJ, there were lots of SL good tunes. It did lose its tempo and the Nigerian, South African mixes took over. But since 2015, the music industry has revolved tremendously. It has picked up where it left off; there are so many talented artists now with good songs for example, the Block Jones; the Drizilik; Prodigy; Yung Sal; these are the young cats coming out now. They are very talented and they are putting out songs for the youths and songs even the aged can relate to. So for me its way better now compared to before.

SLMTV: What do you think are the factors affecting the growth of Sierra Leone music?

DJ UNDISPUTED REG: I think what we just need now is more people to come and invest into the entertainment industry. We need more people who believe in entertainment to invest their money into rebranding artists; people who will spend money into making artists look like artists; improve their lives and standings. Because one thing that is affecting Sierra Leone young talented musicians is having the talent and no money to showcase it. For people to respect and value what you do, you need to have the status to go with it. Even though they say you start from bottom to top, but we need people up there to usher these talents in. Like what Kabaka is doing. The owner of Kabaka multimedia entertainment, (KME). He recently signed some artists which resulted in a big boost for their career and life in general. When you see them they have the respect that an artist deserves. We just need more people in to invest; that’s all.

SLMTV: You were a host for the Freetown Music Festival (FMF17) held yearly in Freetown. Tell us about your experience.

DJ UNDISPUTED REG: The Freetown Music Festival was a huge platform, a huge event and a great one at that. I actually hosted it together with Tamba B. I was not part of it last year but this year I was called upon. I had an awesome experience. What Freetown Music Festival is doing, is that, they force the artist to perform live music which is very good and a huge advantage required of every artist internationally. Like I said initially, these are all the reasons why I say the music industry has improved greatly. Before it was lip-syncing and playback during performances for artists. Now it’s a different thing all together. You also get to see the rich cultures of Sierra Leone; the different music genres that we have. Freetown Music Festival is not just about music but also they showcase fashion, film, and arts. It was a great experience for me to see people coming out in their huge numbers to see their artists on stage with a band. We have different cultural activities that have been dormant for a while and amazing to see them brought to life on stage. Peoples surprised faces, excitement amongst tourists; people simply enjoyed the event. They simply loved it. It’s the festival of the year for me. I have seen other festivities but quite impressed with this one. Its history for me.

SLMTV: What are the factors affecting Sierra Leone’s DJ’s?

DJ UNDISPUTED REG: I think some of the factors affecting DJ’s is the fact that most DJ’s are not paid. Even some working for media houses. So they literally depend on an artist paying them money to have their songs played. This is just one of many constraints DJ’s are facing. Thank God the DJ’s union now have a new president. We hope and look forward to better things under a new leadership. There was a union that fell out of place then. Thanks to the new positivity of SL music. I believe and hope things get better through togetherness and most of these issues will be addressed. Also most people who want to be DJ’s just pick up the art forgetting it needs practice; involves learning. You can have the talent but you need the skill to be able to be an effective and good DJ. Other DJ’s do have the skill but no platform to perform on.

SLMTV: How do you see Sierra Leone’s music industry in 3 years?

DJ UNDISPUTED REG: In the next three years our music will be all over West Africa. Before it was Congolese, Nigerian and South African music amongst others been heard all over but now I feel attention is being drawn to Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone will be heard all over the world at large.

SLMTV: A word of advice for your fans and young DJ’s coming up.

DJ UNDISPUTED REG: For those who want to be DJ’s, know you have to learn the trade. Go to school, study hard; learn the basics. DJ’s are required to be able to read and write. There are institutions you can learn to be a DJ in. if you are a DJ, you still need to learn a lot and keep up to trend and speed. DJ’s where playing with CD, mini disc, cassette, tape, computers; now there is a new way called Serato. One has to learn the trade and speed to be the best and don’t forget to always promote SL music. To my fans, to those that love DJ Reg and listen to my radio program; I love you all so much and keep listening to the show. The frequency is 105.3 fm in Freetown; 104.5 in Bo; 102.9 in Kenema; 106.9 in Kono; 97.5 in Makeni; 96.3 in Kabala. Online it is www.africell.sl . Hit me up on Facebook; it is what’s happening on ai radio or Reginald Augustine Goba. I want to say thanks for the support all, I love you and keep loving SL music.



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