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We love to bring you not just entertainment news but also excited to bring you all you need to know about Sierra Leone’s young talents be it musicians, actors, actresses, young entrepreneurs. This time our reporter in Freetown, Naomi Kamara caught up with one of Sierra Leone’s youngest video editors, Victor Turay commonly known as Mr Handsome by his fans.

Victor Turay is 24, a video director, editor, graphic designer and a photographer working with Sinewaves Studio owned by producer Max Kanga. His chatty wit around him made sitting down with him real fun.

NAOMI: Victor how goes?

VICTOR: Am good, am good; you know ups and downs.

NAOMI: Who is Victor?

VICTOR: I am a simple guy. For the name handsome it’s not really about my looks because I am seriously ugly (laughs). It’s all about the work I do. I am a video director, graphic designer, editor, photographer. I am all about the visual stuff as long as its media. I don’t make music but I do sing.

NAOMI: Wow, you do sing?

VICTOR: (smiling) I do sing but where I work my colleagues tell me, “come on dude, you’ve got a lot of things on your mind right now”, but I do partake in the making of most of the songs in our studio.

NAOMI: Which record label do you work for?

VICTOR: I am working at Sinewaves studio. Sinewaves studio is the home of an independent record label called Young Nation Music. Young Nation Music comprises of two artists Trice and Young Foh. Both are new artists and hitting the waves in town at the moment.

NAOMI: How has it been like been a music editor?

VICTOR: Well, it has been good even though the entertainment industry has its ups and downs; it has been going well so far. Sinewaves studio is just starting; been operating for two years now. We have been doing photo-shoots for people, covering events; making music videos; making of flyers; mmmmmm billboards; creating of mix, records and mastering of songs; movies; movie posters etc. you name it. We have our hands full doing what we love to do.

NAOMI: We have talented artists shooting up here and there, what’s your opinion about the music pace?

VICTOR: When you look at the industry back in then days compared to now there is a huge difference and a big change. Now we have New School that everyone is hyped about…. the this and that (laughing). I think we on our way to making it because we have so many artists coming up; highly talented and powerful with the right attitude. The game has become highly competitive because artists now tend to research a lot and go like “hey I want to do that”, “I can do that”. They find motivation in challenges. Styles are changing, been improved on; they end up getting better and better at what they do. So many potentials coming up.

NAOMI: Which artists have you worked with?

VICTOR: I will start with our in house record label Young Nation Music. I have worked with Beatrice commonly known as Trice.

NAOMI: The new sensation you mentioned earlier?

VICTOR: Yes, yes yes; omg she is good. You should listen to her songs. She just released a single about a month ago. I have worked with Sean Eazy but though we all started this, he is no longer working with us. Also there is Young Fo; the young energetic rapper. Outside Young Nation music I have worked with a host of other popularly known artists.

NAOMI: Which artists do you look forward to working with?

VICTOR: I know a lot of Sierra Leonean artists; the likes of LAJ, Koa Denero and I will love to work with all of them (chuckling). As long as the person is not the laggard type and values good work. I am talking about those who are ready to make and sell good music. International artists (laughs) wowwwwww…..tell me who does not want to work with an international artist? It builds and adds to one’s portfolio.
NAOMI: Who is the lucky lady?

VICTOR: (laughs out loud) ahhhhhh ……well…. (laughs some more) that’s a ahhhhhhhhh…. really? so do I really need to answer that?

NAOMI: We can keep it off the record.

VICTOR: well …. I mean………….

NAOMI: There is someone?

VICTOR: yes, yes there is someone (laughs) and when the time is right people need not ask and ohhhhh, you are beautiful by the way.

NAOMI: oh, thank you.

VICTOR: and you might be that person; like in the near future and you need to put that down (trying to stop Naomi from stopping the recording) nor cut am o (laughing)

NAOMI: Thanks Victor for such a fun filled interesting interview.



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