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About Us

About Us

SLMTV acronym for Sierra Leone Music Television was founded in 2000. We created SLMTV as a national, nonprofit business organization representing Sierra Leone Music Entertainment Industry and African-related groups in entertainment, business, and sciences, the arts, sports, education, public and community services. Our website offers many features, for an audience that has long been overlooked, every time they log onto slmtv.com. Our goal is not only to link the community, through the entertainment industry, but to also introduce this dynamic culture to a new and ever growing audience. Our Music Library showcases the talents of over 60 Sierra Leone solo artist and groups that are blending many genres of music ranging from hip hop and rhythm and blues to dancehall reggae and roots to indigenous music such as gumbe Our Video Library allows our audience the opportunity to watch the music videos to some of their favorite songs and be able to put a face to many of the music they love.

Email Address

  1. Donate – Payments@slmtv.com
  2. Advert – webinfo@slmtv.com
  3. Award – Award@slmtv.com
  4. Radio – radionow@slmtv.com
  5. Music – Musicpromo@slmtv.com

Telephone – 240-764-6618